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Replace Modem? No


Re: Replace Modem? No

That 343 theoretical maximum speed for that modern is just that: theoretical. There are other factors that can enter the equation, such as number of subscribers served by the local node. Unless you're the only person connected to the node, you'll never hit that speed.
I had the TM822G myself, and when Comcast upgraded my speed from 150 to 200, I found that the modem was bottlenecking my speed. I went from 170 to 240 after the upgrade.
If your modem is getting those speeds then you're doing ok and you probably won't need an upgrade. However, upgrading to a 16x4 modem will help in other areas too, such as during peak usage times.

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Replace Modem? No

I received an email from Comcast indicating my modem needed to be replaced.


“We've noticed you have an older modem. It's time to update your equipment so that you can enjoy faster Internet speeds now available in your area.”


This has happened before and it wasn’t necessary to replace my modem.  My experience may help other customers faced with this question.   Comcast’s specifications on my currently owned modem Arris TM822 indicates download speed up to 214 Mbps.  This figure is lower than the speed Arris claims on its own website—up to 343.  A cable provider can limit the download speed according to provided plans but my actual speed with Comcast Blast as measured by Speedtest today is 281 Mbps on my iPad and 256 on my Windows laptop more than Comcast says the Arris should handle. This is wireless, not wired and I’ve seen no problems with my connection.


Before you start replacing equipment, check your speed with Speedtest and adjust WiFi adapter settings if necessary.  Don’t automatically believe Comcast’s warning about your modem.