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Range of Xfi gateway

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Range of Xfi gateway

I have a larger house and currently have two X1 gateways.  I would like to trim this down to just one as some of my connected devices often get confused between the two.  My question is if the range of an Xfi gateway will be sufficient to cover a 4200 sq. ft. two story house.  There are a couple brick walls that tend to hamper the signal from what I have now.  Are there extenders that can be used that would allow me to use just one gateway?

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Re: Range of Xfi gateway

Hi there @scottyboat,

It's likely you already have an xFi Gateway. There are 3 Gateways that are xFi compatible - the Arris 1682G, Cisco 3941T, and Arris TG3482G. You can check your devices through the MyAccount app.


In regards to the Gateway range, placing your Gateway in a centrally located spot in your home, in addition to following some placement tips (, can help improve your wi-fi signal. This may help cut down to one Gateway.

Later this year, Comcast will be launching no-configuration, adaptive xFi pods that can be paired with either the xFi Wireless Gateway or the xFi Advanced Gateway, which will help you extend your Wi-Fi coverage in your home. You can keep an eye out for more information when it becomes available here: