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No E-Mails received?


No E-Mails received?

Have not seen an email for over a week. I sent test emails and had friends do it also.

None received yet.


I havent changed anything in the email settings but something must have changed.

Looking for advice.





Re: No E-Mails received?

First thing is to check your "Safe List" to see if it's become enabled.  If it's turned on, you will only get emails from contacts you deliberately put on that list;  nothing else will get through.  If you are still in the old email format, from the Inbox page go to Preferences>>>>.Email>>>>>Email Safe List.  If you are in the new format, on the Inbox page click on the gear icon in the upper right corner of the page, then on Settings.  Under Mail click on Advanced Settings, and you will see Safe List.  If it's on you need to disable it.