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Mac Entourage-Comcast "not supported"

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Re: Mac Entourage-Comcast "not supported"

Ten year old thread now being closed.

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Re: Mac Entourage-Comcast "not supported"

I found this section by Google, not ComCast.  I'm especially interested to note that the folks answering these problem questions are not the "support" people one gets when calling or chatting.


Why is ComCast permitting such dreadful stuff to go on?  Let me explain:


About 10 days ago, I started getting error messages on RECEIVING email via Entourage (Office for Mac 2008)  Sending still worked fine.  After checking my settings, I tried again.  No luck at all.


In two instances with official ComCast 'helpers', I got the same answer:  "ComCast doesn't support Entourage"....Huh?  Since when, ask I?  No help, no answer.  Again, I asked: "If you don't support Entourage, my outgoing should not work, but it does."  No answer.


Now, I find the thread I'm responding to here after a Google search, reset my settings and it works.  Not perfectly, because it fetched something like 600 old emails!!  (Don't know how that works--maybe I don't want to!)  So, I just let it download all these repeat emails, and so far, so good. 


If there's any ComCast officials patrolling this site, I suggest they do a major do-over with the support section of this website--it was frustrating and totally unnecessary.  Those people are not doing the company any good.


My compliments to the people who are answering these complaints.








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Re: Mac Entourage-Comcast "not supported"


Thank you for the feedback and I am glad to hear that you fixed your problem.

I agree that we could always improve on our Mac support. We do have an extensive internal knowledgebase and many of the common questions and answers are available there. Unfortunately, any given agent will only get a Mac call about 2-3 times a month, so they do not always have a chance to reinforce what they learn. With that said, we are always looking to make things better.
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Re: Mac Entourage-Comcast "not supported"


Thank you for your reply. I only sent two emails on the 21st...both to myself at work.

I've basically fixed the problem (see the above post to Baric).

I do wish that Comcast would provide some Mac info to their support staff... There have been a few times I've talked with a support guy up in Canada who had been very helpful with any and all questions when I first joined Comcast, several years ago. I do think sometimes, if someone isn't familar with Mac's they hear the word "Mac" and just close down. I'm sure glad you don't! Smiley Happy

Thank you very much!
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Re: Mac Entourage-Comcast "not supported"

Well, the message you indicate is again for sending, not receiving, so not sure what problem you're seeing. I have no Entourage expereience, but it sounds to me like either Entourage is using a form of password authentication that Comcast does not support. Comcast supports CRAM-MD5, PLAIN, and LOGIN for authentication methods on the SMTP server. Are you sure you haven't select Secure Password Authentication (SPA)? Don't use that, hardly anyone uses it and Comcast certainly does support it.

If Entourage is ignoring the 250-AUTH message it receives from the server during the initial connection and can't use any supported form of authenication, then just go back to port 25, SSL off, and authentication off on the SMTP server.
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Re: Mac Entourage-Comcast "not supported"

Thanks for clearing up that POP/POP3 thing! I'm sure I'm not the only one who has ever wondered about that one.

I did shut off and unplug everything... Turned off the computer, and modem. Unplugged all the ethernet wires from the computer, modem and router. Unscrewed the cable connection from the router and took out the power cord from the router, then unplugged the computer, modem and router from the power. Put some laundry in, and other household things while I waited...

Then I plugged everything back in, powercords and ethernet cables, and cable connection. Turned the computer on, and then the modem.

Things actually worked this time! My mail was sent and received... BUT...

I did find if I change my settings to select SSL, I can't receive mail. Yup, I mean Receive, this time Smiley Happy, not a mistake. If I change the SMTP and put in 465 I can't send, either... I got this error message if I do that:

The SMTP server for "MamaRoux" does not recognize any of the authentication methods supported by Entourage. To send mail, try disabling SMTP authentication in the account settings or talk to your administrator.

So I just put things back like they were and I can send and receive mail ... finally Smiley Happy

I sincerely thank you for all the help offered, it's really been appreciated!

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Re: Mac Entourage-Comcast "not supported"


There was a port 25 block placed on your account on 6/21/05. Your computer was identified as sending a large amount of unsolicited e-mail. Looking at your modem, it does not appear that this block is still in place. My diagnostics may not be accurate since I have not verified the MAC address of your modem. Have you been in contact with our abuse dept.? If you have not yet done so, I would make recommend that you ompletely scan for spyware and virii. Once you have confirmed that your machine is free from infection, go ahead and send an e-mail to Detail the steps that you have taken and ask for the block to be removed. You can use the Comcast Webmail to send this request.

My apologies that the person you spoke with yesterday did not provide you with correct information. I have sent the details to their supervisor so that appropriate coaching can be given.
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Re: Mac Entourage-Comcast "not supported"

Yeah, POP and POP3 are the same thing, some places just leave off the 3, not a big deal. Most email clients with switch the port autmatically to 995 when you select SSL on a POP server, since the POP3 SSL port is 995. The smae is not true of SMTP, it's valid to have SSL on either 25 or 465, I just recommend 465 becuase it's less likely to be blocked by silly ISP's and 465 REQUIRES you use SSL (and outgoing authentication on Comcast).

I guess we need to find out of your problem is local, either with your machine or with your mail client. I'm not familiar with OS9. In OS X, you would just go to a Terminal window and type the following command:

telnet 25

If you got a response from the server, you're not being blocked and the problem is probably in your email client somewhere. If you can't contact the server, then the problem might be a firewall or Comcast has instituted a port block on your modem for some reason.
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Re: Mac Entourage-Comcast "not supported"

Opps. VERY, very sorry... I CAN RECEIVE, with no problems...

My nerves are getting a bit frazzled, considering this is going on two weeks now.

POP3, is that just the same as POP? I do not have any numbers there ... just POP, so I am assuming they are the same. I checked to set the SSL on, and port 995 automatically appeared in the next line (I don't check that, correct? then it would override... it sets it to port 995, right?)

Yes, I'm the only one on my network... the house would collapse if my husband used the computers! Smiley Happy I have to send email for him... well, I type fast and he hunts and pecks, so I don't really mind. I'm not wireless...

I can not tell you how much I appreciate your help. I'll shut down and reboot to see if the new settings change anything... because just doing that so far didn't change it. (I sent a Hello message to myself)
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Re: Mac Entourage-Comcast "not supported"

First off, change your POP3 settings to SSL on, port 995, and the SMTP settings to SSL on, port 465, authentication on. Those are correct and if it still doesn't work, it's not the settings, it's something else, so leave them be.

You first say you have a problem receiving mail, then you say sending, which is it? The error indicates sending, is receieving also broken? If it's only sending, then call Comcast nad ask if you have been blocked from sending mail. Just becuase one rep is a moron doesn't mean they all are, you just have to keep trying til you get someone with a brain. Saying "we don't support that" is dead wrong, assuming you asked the right question. Port 25 blocks at the modem level are getting more common as Comcast cracks down on problem users.

Are you the only one on your network? Are you using wireless? Might someone else be sending alots of email through your system? Mac spyware and virii are very rare, so it's likely not you, but if you're using wireless and it's not secured, you're can be a conduit.
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Mac Entourage-Comcast "not supported"

As you may (or may not know) I've been having problems with RECEIVING email since I came home from vacation two weeks ago now. I posted a message about it here in this forum and have tried the kind advice I received, but nothing has worked.

I finally bit the bullet today and called Comcast. Which was of absolutely NO help at all. I could have made more progress banging my head into a wall! I asked if port 25 was being blocked, but the one and only response I have gotten from the woman on the other end of the phone was that "We don't support it."

I am at wits end. I am able to receive email with no problems at all... but I can not receive email.

I use Mac OS 9.2.2, with Entourage as my email program. It has worked excellently until I shut off my computer while I was on vacation. No settings had been changed (the dog is brilliant, but he wasn't even home). I can surf the net... but I can not send email.

The error message I get (which the woman didn't even ask about) is:

Mail could not be sent using the account "MamaRoux."

A connection failure has occurred.
Error: -3280 (note: this number changes, the last time it was -23016)

On my Account Settings:
Personal Information
E-Mail address:
everything is correct

Receiving mail
Account ID: mamaroux
POP server:
Password: -password is saved, and is correct.
... NONE of these options are checked:
This POP service requires a secure connection
Override default POP port: 110
Always use secure password

Sending mail
SMTP server:
...NONE of these options are checked:
SMTP service requires secure connection (SSL)
Override default SMTP port: 25 (I did check that and changed it to 465 as an option someone gave me in the first thread I posted, but unchecked it and it returned to port 25, when it still didn't work)
SMTP server requires authentication
Use same settings as incoming mail server (this radio button is checked but it is grayed out because the previous thing is not checked)
Log on using Account ID:.....Password.... (grayed out)
Domain for unqualified addresses: (Nothing)

Also, I have turned off and unplugged everything from the computer on out to the wall and let it sit several minutes (did laundry), then plugged everything back in from the plug on back to the computer and turned on the router, modem and computer... but still nada.

Any ideas, other than switching to another ISP? This is really driving me crazy and not getting ANY real support from Comcast isn't helping matters.

Thanks... I really do appreciate it.