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Internet drops randomly but devices stay connected?

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Internet drops randomly but devices stay connected?

modem: netgear cm600
router: netgear wndr4500v3 - N900

Hi there, so for a few weeks now we've been having odd issues with our internet.. normally it'll be a few days to a week before anything noticeable happens. I suspect there's two issues but it could be one overall issue, making it look like it's two issues.. first issue is that the correctables and uncorrectables shown in the modem status web page will randomly go from none or very low numbers before going to sleep to shooting up to 10-15k numbers on correctables/uncorrectables within a 5-6 hour timeframe. (not sure if that's due to comcast techs in our neighborhood working on lines nearby that could be the cause of that?).. second and major concern issue is that our internet will randomly drop connection and during this time, I'll go check our modem and router devices which both show all the status lights still on as they normally are like. The issue is that it's as if our devices act like it still has a connection running to them but all our devices will show the connection isn't working.. normally if connection isn't being received to our modem or router in the past, it would try reconnecting on it's own. This issue however doesn't matter.. how long I wait, it'll act as if everything is fine.. forcing me to push the power on/off buttons on both devices and waiting 30secs to 1min before powering the modem and router back on.. then all devices will connect again as if nothing happened. I should also add.. that even though our devices both have all their status lights shown normally as they normally look when it's working, I couldn't access either router or modem status web pages to see signals or logs.

We recently had a tech come out about a month ago on jan 21st, which was a wonderful guy and was really helpful.. wish I asked for his name but he clearly showed how much he loves his job with his visit to our house. I asked him if it would be possible to get the direct drop line coming from the ulitiy pole to go to our modem in our 2nd floor guest room, we had a bunch of extra splitters and coax cables we didn't need since we only really need one main line for internet. We canceled our tv service with comcast since we just don't make use of watching tv anymore really.. Anyways.. this guy went ahead and started getting things setup so that the direct drop line leading to our house could by pass as much splitters and extra pieces as possible, he did add a 3 way splitter onto the line before the modem after seeing that the signal levels were running a bit too hot with just the direct line. Things seemed okay and I was happy that we could rule out any of those extra cables, pieces, etc. as any possible issues for the future.. which brings us to now, we still seem to have something going on from what I've mentioned above.

Now to explain a bit.. we bought our modem and router brand new from best buy during last june/july, during that time we also bought brand new cat6 ethernet cables for our hardwired devices.. including the 2-3 ft one connecting the modem to the router. I'm not saying it can't be one of those things causing issues.. but it's just really weird for it to be any of those within under a year of buying that stuff, on top of keeping our stuff in good condition.. not letting anything mess with our ethernet cables or the devices aka out of any harms way.

The only thing I can think of trying to do if it's possible for a tech? Is to see if I can in any way have them replace the drop line coming from the utility pole and any splitters, attachments, pieces, etc. between that drop line leading to the modem. That way if things continue to happen from there, I can rule out a damaged or old cable from the outside leading in.. then if issues continue, my next guest would be that I replace modem or router.. possibly both but I would like to not test that first, since we own our own devices and would either have to rent devices from the company for a month to see if it's one of our devices or both that is in fact causing issues. but ulitmately we enjoy being able to own our own devices, so we'd want to buy new ones that we own if it did come down to that after all.

I'm going to post a few modem logs and signals that I have saved from a week ago leading up to our most recent disconnect that happened 2 hours ago, which shows how the signals look moments after both devices have turned back on. I can also post our router logs but it shows a few ip addresses, so I'm not sure if it's safe to post those in the open or not?
logs 10.pnglogs 11.pngevent logs 21.pngevent logs right after powering on modem after internet went down.signals 10.pngmodem signals a week or two ago.signals 11.pngmodem signals a week ago pt 1signals 12.pngmodem signals a week ago pt 2signals 21.pngmodem signals after modem reset pt 1signals 22.pngmodem signals after modem reset pt 2

signals 10.png