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Internet drops every night around 9pm PST have had 5 different modems on account and all new lines

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Internet drops every night around 9pm PST have had 5 different modems on account and all new lines

I am beyond fed up with the service I have recieved about my problem!


Synopsis of issue:

I started noticing connection issues a few months ago, but they were "bearable".


  1. This last week, 7 days ago now, that my Internet would completely stop working around 9pm PST. I immediately contact comcast and was told my modem, personal owned Arris SB6141 was EOL and needed to be replaced. I went to comcast store the next day to just replace with a Comcast modem (incurring the $11 fee/month). I picked up the new modem, a XB3 and installed it/provisioned when I got home.The internet was not good, but it atleast worked.
  2. Then again at around 9pm that night it stopped working again. I contaced comcast yet again, they said I should try another modem, mind you it was after 10pm at this time since I had to do all the trouble shooting steps yet again I did the night before, but now with a Comcast owned modem. This modem got replaced the next day with another 'new' modem. 
  3. I did the above scenario for another 2 nights/days, then had a technician come out. I assisted with the following:
    1. We ran ALL NEW coax lines
    2. Checked ALL fittings
    3. Check signal strengths at Tap/House/Cable box - Tech said they were good, I didn't get his readings though, I really wish I had.
    4. Replaced the XB3 with an XB6 and back and forth, then ended up using my original personal owned modem
      1. Got the internet working, after about 3 hours of tinkering and power cycling, reprovisioning again and again.
    5. THEN AGAIN the internet went out around 9pm that night.
  4. I called comast again and complained about this issue once again, the agent told me, "need to get another new modem" and it will work.She also reset my WAN IP, but that didn't help.
    1. I said screw it and bought the best, beefiest, top of line modem I could find that was approved by Comcast. Arris SB8200I 
  5. I installed the new modem today, it took a while to provision, but started working. I was hoping this was the last of it all and no more issues... NOPE!
    1. Tonight again! it stopped working, you guessed it, at 9pm.
  6. I called once more and got a NOT SO HELPFUL and very rude "tech", I was escalated to this so called "specialist" from the first agent I talked to.
    1. This person was rude and condescending to me, I explained, as calmly as I could what had transpired. I asked him if any notes were on my account and he said NO! I was floored that there aren't any notes explaining all this already!. Why would there not be any notation to my issues, calls and so forth? He wanted me to tell him EVERYTHING again and then said it was my issue and a Technician would need to come out and fix the problem. I told him thats find, but I am sure theres nothing a basic tech would be able to do, I am sure of it.
    2. I ended the call with a pending appointment for 2 days from now. Not happy about that!

After I hung up, I decided to do some investigation myself. I started looking at the log and signal information on my modem. I noticed the SNR was hitting 0.0 every so often and there were signal strenght errors. I am not sure how to read it all, but I took screen shots of the signals coming in. I rebooted the modem several times. tried adding on some splitters, thinking it may be too HIGH of a signal. Nothing has worked and I am still without internet, using my ATT&T hotspot to type this, maybe I will just move to them for TV and Internet TOO!


I am attaching the log I made to this. I am at a loss and this is my last ditch effort as I am positive the tech won't be able to do anything when he comes in 2 days.

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Re: Internet drops every night around 9pm PST have had 5 different modems on account and all new lin

Attaching the log of screen shots... not sure why it didn't attach to OP


Re: Internet drops every night around 9pm PST have had 5 different modems on account and all new lin

Hi @Keaton12,

Looks like you're going to need another tech to get this straightened out. Even if there is no issue at your home, they will be able to get the ball rolling to get this fixed. I also asked a corporate employee to take a look at your modem/node health -- you can expect a reply in this thread. 


FYI: They owe you a $20 credit for every tech visit after the first for the same problem. You can also get a credit for your service from the time you first reported the issue until it is resolved. 

I am not an employee.
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Re: Internet drops every night around 9pm PST have had 5 different modems on account and all new lin

@nerdburg Thank you for your reply. I was on the phone with Comcast all day and an AWESOME support agent, all I got was his name and number (Isaiah /Operator ID: 4G4) worked with me intently to help resolve. We did a lot of testing and back and forth. The internet came back up just about 30 minutes ago, which it has been doing that.


I did another test additionally to what I mentioned above. In my close neighborhood I have someone who has a broadcasting "xfinitywifi" signal which I tried to join. I was able to join it, but just like my internet (I have personal modem/router) the internet connection didn't work. So right there we definitely determined it is not an issue related to just me.


We also noticed on the cable modem Status page that the Procedure "DOCSIS Network Access Enabled" was saying "Denied" when the internet wan't working. It is now saying "Allowed". After Isaiah spoke with a supervisor they are assuming there is a CMTS issue in my neighborhood where the Fiber/Coax convert which is causing bad line signal and fluctuations.


I have another tech, hopefully a line tech coming tomorrow to look at the lines in my neighborhood. If that doesn't fix the issue, then it may be a Head End problem. I am reluctantly looking toward another outage tonight at the good old trusty 9pm time I am sure.

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Re: Internet drops every night around 9pm PST have had 5 different modems on account and all new lin

Hey @Keaton12!


I can take a look at the modem and node health in your area. I'd also like to follow up after your tech visit to make sure everything was taken care of for you. 

Can you please verify your first and last name, full street address, and the phone number or account number associated with your services in a private message? 


To send a private message click on my name "ComcastChe", then click private message me. 

I am an Official Comcast Employee.
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Re: Internet drops every night around 9pm PST have had 5 different modems on account and all new lin

Somewhat similar problems. For the past 5 nights, we have had issues with a node starting at app. 6:00 pm that would cause an outage of internet, voice, and tv for our entire neighborhood. Made numerous calls to tech support/customer service but the problem gas not been fixed.