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I need help on new email format - spam filtering

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I need help on new email format - spam filtering

Is there a way I can return to the old Xfinity Connect email format? The new one is not working out for me. I have not found a way to add a filter to some reocurring spam email. When I click on the filter option, nothing happens. Much of the spam isn't addressed specifically to my email address, but it gets through anyway. If the spammers give me the option to unsubsribe from their spam and I do unsubsribe, it will only give them verification of what my actual email address is and they will sell or otherwise distribute my email address to other spammers who will then inundate my in box with even more spam. Unsubscribing doesn't work most of the time anyway Smiley Sad So I generally do not unsubscribe unless I know who the sender is. Many of the spammers don't give me the option to unsubscribe. That would defeat their purpose. Their purpose is to entice me into clicking on the link provided, which will send me to some bogus (scam) web page to be conned into giving them my personal info and/or infect my computer with a virus. Every day I access my email folders and spend 5 or 10 minutes deleting the spam in my in box before I can even look at the legitimate email sent to me. I need to filter (delete) them out before they are delivered, so I don't have to keep deleting the same spam week after week. Very few spam is sent to the spam folder. Most of them end up in my in box. I used to be able to set up a filter for specific spam email so they will be deleted before they get sent to my in box. I'm not too thrilled about the new simple look of the fonts and layout, plus it often takes too long to access and display my Xfinity Connect email page. I was very comfortable using the old format, even though I had experienced an occasional glitch. All the other functions I have tried seem to work ok and are not too difficult to figure out. I must admit there are a few improvements. I really miss the old format though Smiley Sad. It was like an old shoe that I was comfortable wearing and was thoroughly familiar with. Oh well, I can adapt to the new format if necessary, but only if I can get it to filter spam. I would appreciate anyone's help on this issue. Thanks Smiley Happy 


Re: I need help on new email format - spam filtering

Once you have been migrated to the new format, there is no way to revert to the old one.  As for Spam, it is a game of whack-a-mole.  Trying to use filters to control garden variety spam is a waste of time.  It just doesn't work.  When the junk gets to your Inox the best thing you can do is keep marking it as spam to help "train" the Comcast filters.  It takes time once the spammers have you on their lists.