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How to view old messages

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Re: How to view old messages

Latoque wrote: ... As far as I know there isn't any way to search by date. ...

Check out the "date" search operator on


Re: How to view old messages

CCCarole wrote:

You search by date by typing in the date in the search field.




I tried it using a couple of messages in my Inbox, and it didn't work.  It comes back with no results.  I made sure I used the right operater as specified in those instructions.

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Re: How to view old messages

You search by date by typing in the date in the search field.  As sugggested, it is also possible that old messages were automatically deleted due to the settings you have set in Preferences>Email>Email Deletion Schedule.  The search option results will show which folders any messages are- Based on your search criteria.


Here is more information about using the search functtons in the XfinityConnect Inbox:



How to search in your XFINITY Connect Inbox


XFINITY Connect gives you the option to search through your email, address book entries, or the entire World Wide Web.

Basic Searches with XFINITY Connect

In order to perform a search, type in what you are searching for in the search box. Click the dropdown menu next to the box to select if you want to search your Email, Address Book or the Web. 

Advanced Searches with XFINITY Connect

Sometimes you might need to narrow down your searches a bit further. Use the following steps to perform Advanced Searches.

Right Click Searching
To filter your inbox for all the email you have received from a particular email address:

  • Right click on the email address in the From column of your inbox, click Search
  • This returns all the email you have received from that sender

Using Quotations (" ")
Use quotations around an entire phrase (or group of words) to search for an exact match within your email. For example, if you want to search for the phrase Dinner Friday Night, entering it as "dinner friday night" will return all messages with that exact string.
This is particularly useful when searching for a phrase that includes punctuation-type characters, as these are ignored by the search engine. For example, to search the time 9:30, then entering "9:30" will return all messages with the string 9:30.

Search Operators
A search operator is a special keyword followed by a colon, then the field you would like to search. Below are a list of common search operators and examples.

  • in: Specifies a folder (e.g. in:sent would show all items in your Sentfolder)
    • Other examples: in:inbox to search your inbox or in:[specific folder name] to search a personal folder
  • from: Specifies a sender name or Email address that would come from the Fromheader
    • This could be a full Email address or domain (e.g.
  • has: Specifies an attribute that the message mush have
    • The types of objects you can specify are attachment, phone or url (e.g. has:attachment returns all messages with attachments)
  • is: Searches for messages with a certain status
    • For example: is:unread will find all unread messages
    • Allowable values are: unread, read, flagged, unflagged, sent, draft, received, replied, unreplied, forwarded, unforwarded, tome, fromme, ccme
  • to: Same as from: except that is specifies one of the people to whom the email was addressed in the To: header
  • cc: Same as from: except that it specifies a recipient in the Cc: header of the message
  • under: Specifies searching a folder and it's sub-folders
  • filename: Specifies a file attachment name (e.g. filenamehoto.jpg would find all messages with a file attachment named photo.jpg)
  • attachment: Specifies any item with a certain type of attachment (e.g. attachment:word would find all messages with MS Word attachments)
  • date: Use this operator to specify a date, using the format that is default for your browser's locale (for U.S. English, the format is mm/dd/yyyy)
    • For example: date:2/1/2007 would find messages dated February 1, 2007
    • The greater than (>) or less than (<) symbols can be used instead of after or before.  >= and <= are also allowed
  • size: Specifies messages whose total size, including attachments, is a specified number of bytes, kilobytes, or megabytes
    • For example size:12 kb would find messages that are exactly 12K in size
    • The greater than(>) or less than (<) symbols can be used to narrow size searches

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Do you use XfinityConnect? The Full or Lite version?
Do you use an email client? Which one? (Eg; Windows Live mail, Outlook, a smartphone etc.)
Which browser/version do you use? And- have you cleared your browser cache?
Which operating system? XP, Vista, Windows 7, Mac OS X
Details of the problem you are having.


Re: How to view old messages

First clear out your browser's cache.  If it's got bad cookies or other corrupted data in it, they can cause all kinds of problems.  Next, look in your preferences to see your settings for deletion schedules.


I'm assuming you're using Comcast webmail and not a client.  As far as I know there isn't any way to search by date.  Are you certain that the earlier emails are still on the server?  What you are describing sounds like they're simply gone.

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How to view old messages

I need to review old messages on occasion but am unable to scroll back more than two months nor bring them up on Search. How do I search by date? Why does search bring up only messages I sent, not incoming?