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Getting other peoples email

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Re: Getting other peoples email

dflom:  While I'm not familiar with exactly what software Comcast uses, I know from experience that that their emails are not case sensitive and you cannot have two addresses in the system with the same name regardless if their case is different.


You may sign up with an email address like and see that in the system when you log in, but people can send email to dflom, DFLOM,dfLOM,DfLoM, etc and it will all get to you.


You can also go in and try making new email addresses with different cases and you'll get a message that the address already exists.


Just because you've contacted a business and they have your address on record as the address given to them, that doesn't mean they were given the correct address in the first place.


If your phone number is 555-1234 and my number is 555-2234 and write your number down on a contact sheet and that company calls you and you ask them what number they are calling, they will state your number.  While the number is not the correct number for who they're trying to reach, they were calling the "correct" number listed on the form.


The same thing is most likely happening with the email address. Someone doesn't know their address or just thinks because they have and they must also have since they know they have a Comcast email address that someone set up for them. When their address could be something like

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Re: Getting other peoples email

It's someone that is using their email address and just set it up.  I've gotten bills receipts just recently and doctor appts.  I've called the businessses listed and they said that is they have the correct email address but it is all capital letters. Comcast has 3 people with the same email address.  I have gotten their mail before!!

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Re: Getting other peoples email

Latoque wrote:

I don't think the user ID is case sensitive, so I doubt it's that. 


Correct. My email address is all lower case. I get a newsletter which sends it to me as all uppercase.

I also tested a couple of other things. I sent myself 2 test messages. The first one had the first letter of my user name capitalized with the other letters non-capitals. The other one had only one capital letter in the middle of the name. I received them all.


The most likely explanation is the one provided by Turmoil. Another would be that someone else had the user name before you got it. The person no longer has the email address and forgot to give the senders the new address. This is unlikely since you have had email address for so long and you would have gotten that person's mail long ago.


You should also contact the department mentioned by Latoque to get their take on it.

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Re: Getting other peoples email

I think you're dealing with people who don't know what their email address is when they give it out.

I get that a lot with one of my accounts.


The person might have Comcast service and set up an account on another service and just thinks that their Comcast address is that address.


Or it could be their address is something like john.smith and yours is johnsmith.


I usually just write back to the people telling them the person they're emailing gave them the wrong address and it usually stops.


Re: Getting other peoples email

I don't think the user ID is case sensitive, so I doubt it's that.  I'd call Comcast security and ask them to look at it-------------


"The Customer Security Assurance organization has been established to ensure a safe and secure online experience for Comcast customers. This team is a dedicated group of security professionals who respond to issues pertaining to phishing, spam, infected PCs (commonly referred to as "bots"), online fraud and other security issues."

Normal business hours (6:00 am to 2:00 am EST, 7 days a week)

1 - 888-565-4329

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Getting other peoples email

I have been getting other peoples emails.  I have had the same email address for 8-9 years and now 2 other people have the same address except they have capital letters in their email, but I get their email sent to my email box.

How can Comcast allow them to have the same email address? 

I have been getting very private email from doctors, billing information,  etc. for these people.  How can we get this straightened out???