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Fast/Correct download speeds....Terrible/Incorrect upload speeds.....

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Fast/Correct download speeds....Terrible/Incorrect upload speeds.....

Tomorrow my 4th technician will come out and of course I have to take off work early again and lose another 3 hours of money. Totaling 15 hours Ive had to take off only to get absolutely nothing resolved. 


I pay for 150mb download and 20mb upload


A month ago I noticed my online gaming wasnt going very smooth and when I tested my speeds, my download was a perfect 150-170mb while my upload was anywhere from 0.5mb to 2mb. Of course I had to call and jump through the normal hoops that is Comcast customer service and technical support. Long story short.....first tech came out and tested everything and said my upstream power level was a little high but mainly there was noise in the line before it gets to my property. Everything on my property tested fine. So he put in an ouside maintenance ticket and two days later I got an automated call saying that my ticket was closed and that my problem was fixed. I get home and test it and there is ZERO difference. upload speeds are still terrible. 


So of course, due to the Comcast-Way, I have to call back and start all over again with a tier 1 phillipines citezen and work my way up to tier 2/3. They send another tech out and I have to take off work again and lose more money.....I lose money by having to take off of work but my cable bill is still the same amount. Go figure.....


So the 2nd and 3rd techs come together and say basically the same exact thing that the first guy said. So they put in another outside maintenance ticket. The next night I test it and viola.....My upload and download speeds are flawless......both shoot straight up to their correct amounts. I then notice over the next week that my upload starts dipping lower and lower to around 14-15mb. I go another week without gaming and this past weekend I notice my online gaming failing again. Test my speeds and the problem is back. Download is still correctly at 150-170mb while upload is 1-4mb. 


So I call tech support right away and let them know my situation and basically tell them that I am not taking off of work again for a tech to come out and do nothing. I speak to his supervisor too. And they tell me that they have escalated the ticket themselves to a maintence team and that no in-home tech is required. I kept telling the guy what little faith I have in Comcast's ability to fix anything. He keeps telling me Im wrong and that they are going to prove me wrong. And that the team they work with would come out and fix it Monday and that by Monday night, I would have no more issues. Of course, nothing happened and they didnt do a single thing at all. It was just an hour long phone call full of lies. The only thing Comcast has proven to me that they are good at. 


So I call back again last night, Monday night and speak with a tier 3 tech in Denver. He runs all sorts of tests and tells me that the problem is on my property this time because hes checking signals of the same people on my tap and that their downstream and upstream signals are perfect. That it must be my amp or a wire in my house or the drop line or a splitter. So I hook my modem up to different rooms of the house to rule out cables in the walls. So now it really can only be a few things....the main drop line, the amp, the splitter in the box on the side of the house, or one of the cables/connections off of that splitter coming from the side of the house. If this is even true at all. 


Has anyone else had this issue or have any advice? Its clear that Comcast is full of it and could really seriously care less about fixing peoples problems. Proof is that you never get a call back or get to speak to the same person twice. You never get to speak to local maintenance or technicians. Its all a scam so when they dont fix something, you bascially have to start all over again. Im seriously debating just finding another internet provider that is at least somewhat competent. That doesnt require me to take off work to come listen to a guy thats been trained to look at a tablet and know that green is good and red is bad.