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Constant disconnects from TV and Internet

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Constant disconnects from TV and Internet

In the past few months, my TV cable and internet have been constantly disconnecting simultaneously almost every day. I have both of them running off a splitter from the main line but I have also tried simply putting in the main line to the internet without the splitter and the same problems occurred. I called over a technician to look it over and he said my signal was poor so he took out our old splitter and replaced it with an amplifier and also replaced my TV box with a new one. Everything actually disconnected 15 minutes after he left so the issue remained.


I called another technician and the only thing he said he could do was to try and put in a new cable from the pole into my house but I am hesitant as he would have to drill a new hole in my house to bring the cable in so I've been looking for alternatives.


 I was thinking it could be interference as I've noticed that when certain electronics are turned on such as the garage door or the microwave, the signal would come back or disconnect. On three different occasions when the connection was dead, I would purposely turn on the microwave for 20-30 seconds and I would actually see the lights on my modem start to light back on. I've had the same exact equipment for years so is there any way I could fix this issue without wiring a new cable in my house?