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Comcast Email using Chrome

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Comcast Email using Chrome

It is October 26, 2017.  I have successfully used Chrome as my browser and comcast email for a long time.  The past few days, I can no longer send, reply to or forward comcast emails while on the Chrome browser.  I can access and read my emails.and I can compose emails but I can't send, reply, or forward anything.  The "send," etc. that used to appear at the bottom of the email is no longer there.   I am able to do all of the above on Firefox and IE, and on my iphone email, but I would prefer to use Chrome.  I have cleared all history, etc, rebooted, nothing.  Called Comcast and they said it is Google's problem (what else?).  Does anyone have a solution or at least know where the problem lies?  I am not very technical so simple is best.  Thanks.


Re: Comcast Email using Chrome

I'm using Chrome and the email works just fine for me.  Are you using the most recent version of Chrome?  Right now they are up to v61 for Macs, and v62 for Windows.  Did you try doing a complete reset of Chrome?