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Can’t permanently turn off xfinity hotspot

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Can’t permanently turn off xfinity hotspot

I turn the WiFi off on both the modemmpage and the xfinity page yet it seems daily the WiFi turns itself back on. Traffic galore on this hotspot that I monitor. I really am dreading that I got the modem/router and wish that Comcast/xfinity would actually let you control the device. Seems strange that it always comes back on and thinking I should put the thing in a faraday cage to stop it once and for all.
Any way anyone knows a way to really stop this. Cause if He modem gets an update or resets there it is. I have it in bridge mode but this things keeps turning itself back on. Every time I make the dreaded 3 hour call they screw my system up and takes me longer to get it all back up and working for the darn hotspot to show back up in the morning.
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Re: Can’t permanently turn off xfinity hotspot

I also have this issue. I turned this off on their website months ago and when I view the current status it shows off. The first tech support call told me they would elevate the issue and call me back. I received a voice message that I shouldn't worry about it because even if someone tried to connect, they wouldn't get connectivity. The VMS was total and completely inaccurate. My private SSID and XFINITY's SSID have the same MAC address. Guess what, it provides connectivity to anyone with perms. What really peaves me  is a couple of things; first off, the beginning of this year they raised their rental fee by $1 on USED EQUIPMENT. I know it's just a dollar but WHAT THE HECK? Second off, this rented device fails to allow me to control it directly, has a public AP and now I'm paying to compete for packet availability and promoting Comcast's footprint (WHERE"S MY PARTICIPATION???)  Unacceptable. 


 Then, I figured it may be because I have remote admin turned off, so I turned it on and spoke to a real good tech who used their admin password, and confirmed that not only does the network have me opt'ed out, but HE CAN'T EVEN TOGGLE IT WHILE LOGGED ON. Any hardware/software/firmware that doesn't grant an owner/administrator sufficient control is GARBAGE (I haven't run a Windows box since '07). I might very well have faulty equipment (I doubt it), but the fact that the owner/lessee can't LOCALLY and DIRECTLY control a devices "features" and must use a third party to admin "features" is, well.. sleezy and of poor operational design and quite honestly disingenuous. I do understand the logic, but short of being a participant in that logic, well.. go fly a kite.


 Actually, shame on me for being a lazy jake and not purchasing my own equipment with sufficient security, control and features I need or want. Compliant equipment that a bandwidth provider can't flash, add "features" or "engineering errors" as it wants to (in or out of spec).   


 Additionally, Comcast is trying to replace the equipment I have (an Arris.. standard broadcom chipset) for their latest version, at no cost. It's actually beneficial for me to replace it, it's a dual band WiFi unit, but I've been lazy. It very may well be that the ROM on these older units has been flashed to make users aware and force their lazy rears to click a few boxes on a website, R&R their equipment and mail back the old one (at no cost).


 Well, I got the message and ordered the new one today. Being the pedant that I am, I'll install it then pack it up after I've installed my own cable modem and AP(depreciate that). Whereas there's no cost, the whole situation is a complete and total waste of time and effort. But, at the minimum it has forced me to purchase my own cable modem (guess I'll put the old NetGear Ap's to work for once).


Hey Comcast, not everyone that buys a tap on your pipe is an appliance user. Heck, I've even paid a lease fee on (substandard) equipment I could have owned in less than a year just because it was "convenient". But sleazy behavior like increasing rental fees on used equipment, attempting an increase in a contracted service rate at the New Year (before the contract had matured and forcing those clients to call to get it fixed) is the type of behavior that gives you the customer satisfaction rating that you currently have. Don't even consider prioritizing my packets!



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Re: Can’t permanently turn off xfinity hotspot

All I know is that since I turned off xfinitywifi on my account, the SSID has disappeared and my account says it is disabled.

I am not a Comcast Employee.
I am just a customer, volunteering my time to help other customers here in the Forums.
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Re: Can’t permanently turn off xfinity hotspot

You must have misunderstood the "new customer support" from Comcast.  It means that you, the customer supports Comcast via the  hotspot modem in your home.  Clearly you have some IT skills, you should know better than to ever let a third party own or control your network device!  Buy your own modem!