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Arris TG862G and iPhone 4 & 5 connection issues

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Arris TG862G and iPhone 4 & 5 connection issues

The following is to correct a problem with an iPhone 4 or 5 connecting to the Arris TG862G xfinity gateway (Modem/Router combo). Both iPhones connected at one time and worked fine. However, now they are experiencing refresh problems with network apps. You may use this technique at the very first configuration of the gateway as well.


Recently, Comcast gave me a new Arris TG862G Gateway (Modem/Router combo) and everything worked fine. After a while an iPhone 4 and iPhone 5 in use by my family failed to connect. An old iPhone 3G worked fine as did a Nokia Lumia 9000 Windows Phone and all other networkable devices. Here are the particulars of my xfinity gateway.


eMTA & DOCSIS Software Version: 7.6.59C
Software Image Name: TS070659C_050313_MODEL_862_GW_CT


Originally I had no IPv6 active but now I do. So I suspect a new version of the software was installed and that may have caused the problem, but I cannot be sure of that.


Here are the symptoms. The iPhone 4 or 5 will connect to the gateway and you will see the WiFi connection and data in the iPhone Settings - WiFi area. You will have an IP address but the Connected Devices list on the Gateway will NOT show the iPhone. If you try to refresh Facebook on the iPhone it will clock without any resolution. Any networked apps on the iPhone will just continute to clock. The only workaround is to use 4G.


Here's what I had to do to fix it.


1 — Collect the MAC Address for all of the devices that will connect to the xfinity gateway. Be sure not to leave anything out. Desktops, laptops, tablets, printers, cell phones, DVRs, game consoles, and others. I have a solar array installed and the device (Enphase Envoy) that monitors the array is required to be on the network. It doesn't matter if the connection will be wired or wireless. Make sure that at least one computer is connected via wire. You will need this computer to make the changes described below.


2 — List the name of the devices and their MAC addresses. I used a spreadsheet because it was easier but you can use Notepad. Name the device what ever you like but remember, it may be overridden by the gateway. List the IP address you will give each device. I have my DHCP addresses beginning at but you can use the default if you like. On my spreadsheet I had the Host Name in one column, the MAC Address in the second column, the preferred IP address (IPv4 value) in the third column. If a specific device wants a specific IP address, assign it what it wants. Some devices (TiVo DVRs and XBoxes) like static IP addresses. Setup the static IP address on those devices first, then power them off.


3 — Write down the name of the SSID found on the bottom of the gateway and the default password. Also write down the name of the new password you will assign to the ADMIN account and the name of the new SSID, if you plan on changing it.


4 — Perform a HARD RESET on the xfinity gateway. (Hold in the reset button for 15 seconds). This will force the gateway to be reset to the factory defaults. Wait for the device to be fully operational.


5 — Open a browser on the computer connected to the gateway via wire and logon to the gateway using the admin account and the default password. Change the default password first. This will force a new logon; do so with the admin account and the new password.


6 — Under Gateway-Connection-WiFi, the recommended actions are to change the SSID name, set the channel to Manual and use either 1, 6 or 11, and change your network password. If you want to change the DHCP Beginning Address, that is found under Gateway-Connection-Local IP Network. Make sure to Save the settings on each screen The gateway will refresh at every save.


7 — Under Connected Devices, click the Add Device with Reserved IP button. Copy and paste in the Host Name from your spreadsheet or other file. Do the same with the MAC Address and the Reserved IP Address. Click the save button. The gateway will refresh.


8 — Repeat step 7 for all of the devices you need to connect to the gateway.


When you are done, power on the iPhone 4 and iPhone 5. Join the network if necessary. You may have to tell the iPhone to forget the old network before you rejoin to this new one. Test to make sure you have full functionality on any apps that use the network. Facebook and Safari are good tests. If the problem persists, you may have to contact Comcast and have them bridge the gateway and you will have to use a standalone router.


This sounds a bit like brain surgery when all the person wanted was a hair cut, but it's not. You have to clear all of the saved data out of the gateway. I deleted the connections for the iPhones on my gateway because I wanted to do some cleanup. I thought they would just reconnect via DHCP. That may have caused the problem too, because after I did that, these symptoms occurred. So beware! The delete button on the gateway in the Connected Devices screen may not be a "Remove this device from the table" button; it may be a "Never allow this device to connect again" button. I can't be sure but it is strange that these problems appeared after I deleted those entries. I did not test that by deleting other devices and I do not plan to! However, this did fix the connection issue with the iPhone 4 and 5.


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Re: Arris TG862G and iPhone 4 & 5 connection issues

Thank you SO much!! I was on Apple forums all day, trying to fix this issue on my 4s! Your solution was the one that worked!!


Kudos to you!!!

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Re: Arris TG862G and iPhone 4 & 5 connection issues

I just did the same thing with my iPad last night and have spent hours trying to get it back on the gateway and posted for help with this issue.  I had already input the Mac address in filtering and added a device with a reserved IP address but it didn't help.  This was of course after I had literally just configured my wi-fi thermostat and WeMo device to work with the new router so yes, it's going to feel like brain surgery to manually add all 11 devices that need to connect! 


I'm going to try your solution and hopefully fix it as well.