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For the last 2-days I can only dial out on Vtech telephone.  When I cell call my Vtech telephone it does not ring; however, I have ringing on my cell phone and then a message to leave a voice mail is heard. I leave the voicemail; however, the Vtech does not record the message.

So far I have reset router, unpluged all parts to Vtech telephones & reassembled, changed the phone cord from the router to VTech.

I am at a loss as to next steps.


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Re: vtech

Try dialing *99 from your VTech phone - that will access your Xfinity voicemail. If you're prompted that you have messages, that means Xfinity Voice is recording your messages ahead of your VTech phone. The fact that your Vtech phone isn't ringing likely means your home phone has been disabled for ringing.


On your Xfinity Connect App, 
Settings | Call Preferences | Call Forwarding | 


And makes sure your home phone is set to On. 


If you want your VTech's answering machine to record voicemail instead of Xfinity Voice, set the Number of Rings to the highest number (9), to ensure your Vtech picks up the call first.


If you don't have access to the app, you can go to , go to the Gear , then Settings, then Advanced Call Forwarding, and proceed as above.

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