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keeping a landline with xfinity voice

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keeping a landline with xfinity voice

Have some rather old pre-X1 gear that we're looking to update.  Comcast/Xfinity's current packages make it affordable to switch add Voice to our package; however, for a number of reasons, I don't want to give up my landline entirely.  I have multiple lines coming into the house, one for my office, as I work from home frequently, and one for the regular home line that also supports our home security system.  I'd like to port my 'office' number over to Xfinity Voice and keep the original home line with CenturyLink.  From what I can find online and searching through the forums here, it sounds like others have done this, but I can't confirm it and it looks the VOIP setup would essentially take over all the wired phone jacks in the house, as in you have to disconnect or isolate the internal phone wiring at the phone junction box and switch the wiring over to a connection to the modem in order to have the VOIP connection work on your phone jacks.  Currently I have two jacks in the house for the office line and all the rest of the jacks are for the home line.  It would be great to move one of the office jacks from it's current location to what is now my wife's office, as she is also doing some tele-communting these days.  Is this possible?  Can you use VOIP and an analog line on the same 'network' of phone wires?  Or do the phones that are connected to the VOIP line have to plug into the wall jacks or can they be connected some other way to the VOIP modem?


Re: keeping a landline with xfinity voice

Sure, it's possible to have both Comcast voice and traditional phone service. Your install tech will be able to isolate the two systems so they function properly. 

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