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Xfinity lost my home phone number

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Xfinity lost my home phone number

I have had my home phone for over 20 years.  Moved it to Xfinity from AT&T about 4 years ago.  Just moved 1.5 miles in Chicago (in the same zip code). After the move, had a Tech come on 4/2 to our new place and install and activate triple play equipment.  We successfully got the original home number making and receiving calls and all the other services activated and working properly.  On 4/6, my home phone stopped working - checked my account online and there was a different phone number on it.  Have been working with tech support to rectify this but not making progress. 


I've been copied on a ticket (one of several created and escalated the last two days) number 800942 and just got a response indicating that it has been "resolved" and that they are unable to give me the number at our new location -- so basically "Tough Luck".  The support deparment is saying that the number cannot be used because where we now live now is in a new/different "zone" and because it is in a different rate center.  This makes no sense to me except that someone wants to use our home phone number for some other purpose. 


Does anyone have any ideas on how to correct this?



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