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XB6 XBB1-A Backup Battery Question

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XB6 XBB1-A Backup Battery Question

There are two manufacturers for the XB6 gateway - ARRIS and Technicolor. I have the Technicolor build of the XB6.


For a Voice service backup battery, I have a new XBB1-A external battery backup unit manufactured by ARRIS.  Is this ARRIS-manufactured version of the XBB1-A battery backup certified to also be fully compatible for working with the Technicolor XB6 gateway?  If available please provide a source for that knowledge if you are aware of it.


When logged into the XB6 control panel as administrator, the battery icon at the top of the main page shows "0" (puzzling) and in the hardware section it shows the battery connected and charging (~35%) along with other battery information. 

The draft manual provided to the FCC from ARRIS for the XBB1-A only mentions its use for the Arris TG3482 gateway (an XB6 build).  See:  


PS - I know about the possibility of using a standard Uninterruptible Power Supply with computer gear: I have four of them. My question's focus is on the XBB1-A's compatibility.