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Will not run new cable

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Will not run new cable

Why does comcast no longer run cable? They have found out that I have a bad cable But they refuse to run a new one so that I can get the service that I am paying for. I can barely access the internet using wireless. A  part of the time  my network cannot be found with the router being less than 30 feet from my computer But I can see several of my neighbor networks that are up to 300 feet from my house, And when I finally can access my network it suddenly slows down to less that 1 Mbps. What gives?? And I might as well add that my X1 platform doesn't work as well.  but when I call  the service rep says they can come out but they will charge us 60 dollars because they know I have a bad cable What is the deal? 


Re: Will not run new cable

Hi Gonittany -- We do still run new service lines when it's found that your current one is no longer working as it should. There would not be a charge to do this as the line would be considered part of our infrastructure. I can get a job setup for you to have this line replaced. Please send me a PM with your name, full service address, and either phone number or account number for authentication. I will work with our local tech ops to get this line replaced.


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