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Why the occasional second phone line light??

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Why the occasional second phone line light??

I have a Cisco modem tower (Model #DPC3939) for my phone and Internet service.  Under normal circumstances, the Tel 2 light is (and should be) dark, as I only have one phone line in service (no extensions).  All the other lights (including the battery light, as I have a back-up battery installed) are on steady, and two lights are blinking.


Lately, for whatever reason, I see that the Tel 2 light is sometimes on (steady, not blinking).  Eventually, the modem reboots -- all the lights go dark except the power light at the top, then they all eventually come back on as they should be, with the Tel 2 light now dark, as it should be.


Why is the Tel 2 light on at all?  What does it mean when it is on?  Is this Comcast working on something, or is this an issue with the modem tower?  I tried to get an answer from your tech support by phone; unfortunately, my contact was in one of your off-shore call centers (you really should keep tech support in the U.S.) and didn't give me an answer that made any sense.


When this is happening, by the way, my phone and Internet service are working; they only go down briefly when it reboots.  I guess I just want to know why that phone line light that should be dark sometimes isn't.  It seems to be a random occurrence.