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Signal splitting and VOIP

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Signal splitting and VOIP

We have CC Triple Pl;ay, and for optimal service, I had rewired our house with new RG6 "quad" coax, with 3 "home-run" cable runs from demarc box via a three-way splitter to two CC set-top boxes and the eMTA modem. Today I split the incoming Internet line to accommodate a new Netgear CM600 modem for Internet-only support, and down-graded existing Arris tm722g to voice-only. Signal level before split was excellent: (+)1.5-(+)2.5 dBmV downstream, and 36-37 dBmV upstream. After splitting, the expected insertion loss noted, with downstream at (-)1.5-(-)2.5 dBmV,, and upstream at (-)41-42 dBmV. My question is: as an alternative, can I split the incoming set-top box service between the eMTA and set-top, restoring higher signal to the Netgear Internet modem?  Would one expect somewhat degraded performance of VOIP and dig. TV with this configuration?

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Re: Signal splitting and VOIP

We have tripple play and some problems with the phone some times. It stuttered and broke up on rare occassion. Comcast installed 2 amplifiers. One outside and one inside. He said it was a little bit low and this should fix it. I also did some trouble shooting from calling support and they did some testing on the line and it was all fixed and worked great.

 Originally we wanted 3 phone numbers on the tripple play. They could not set it up, because the combo box: modem, router, phone all in one only has 2 phone rj11 jacks. No support for 3 or more lines at home. Business supports much more phones. So it is a catch 22: They refuse to service a business tripple play at home residents (for 3 or more line numbers). They also said they can not send phone service to 3 or more lines at home residents due to software restrictions on their end from comcast. They (home service) do not have voip box supporting more than 2 lines. The provisioning software only can hold two phone numbers.

 We are going to try Ooma voip along with tripple play. The installers of the tripple play wiring also helped set up all the wiring for the third number. We have a back feed ethernet / phone wires that connects to out outside demark original old phone line box. We set up Ooma and tested it working fine. We also want to finish wiring it to the old home wiring after we disconnect local phone company from the outside dmark box. I checked and tested most of the old home wiring from late 1970s and it is cat5e to my suprise and working fine. Local phone company is now charging 6 times what comcast price is. This is why we want the voip new service. We want to travel using the very flexable voip service on the road. We are almost finished setting it all up. We just need to port the old phone number to the new voip, and disconnect the physical wiring from local phone company.

 I did a lot of reading from voip services, prices, home wiring. I can do most everything myself including wiring and it should all work. This should save us a pile of money every month. The last part to connect is the 4th set of home wiring to the voip. We want to run both local phone company and voip at the same time, just to be sure it all works while we transition over to the new voip. We can not be with out this phone number.

 All the reading documentation information is on the search engins from the interent.

I think I am going to be very pleased with this new phone setup in July 2018, which is the time of this writing.