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Robo calls

How can I block unwanted calls? I am inundated with robocalls from early morning to late evening.


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How to Stop Unsolicited Robocalls to Your Home

XFINITY Voice service works with Nomorobo to block unsolicited robocalls to your home. Nomorobo is a cloud-based service that hangs up on or blocks illegal robocaller or telemarketer calls from calling the intended home phone number.

Learn how to set up Nomorobo with your XFINITY Voice service. You'll need to be at home in order to complete the activation with your home phone line.

Note: Nomorobo service is available only to residential XFINITY Voice Unlimited customers.

Set up Nomorobo through XFINITY Connect

To set up Nomorobo with your XFINITY Voice service:
  1. Go to and follow instructions for signing up.
    • Complete Step 1 by choosing Comcast XFINITY as the Carrier. Complete Step 2 by entering your email address and clicking Next. You will receive an email with a link to activate the Nomorobo service. Click on the link and continue as directed.
      Steps 1 and 2 with dropdown for Carrier and free-form space to enter email.
  2. When you reach the Setup Your Carrier step on Nomorobo's website, go to XFINITY Connect.
  3. Sign in using your primary XFINITY username and password, and then select the Voice icon.
  4. From the list of Voice settings, click on Advanced Call Forwarding.
  5. From the Advanced Call Forwarding drop-down menu, select Add.
  6. Then enter the Nomorobo phone number (202-813-1600).
    • Make sure that the Nomorobo phone number is not the only number listed in this section.
    • Your home phone number should also be listed as a default. Otherwise, callers may get a busy signal when calling your home phone.
    • The number of Rings before voicemail should match the rings for your home number. The service automatically terminates calls after one ring.
      From here, you can adjust how many times the phone rings before terminating.
  7. After you have completed those steps, go back to the Nomorobo website. Go to Your Phones and click the Test button next to your number. Then select I'm ready. Call me now to perform a test call.
    • You will receive a call to verify that the service is set up correctly. Wait until the third ring to pick up the phone.
Nomorobo will now screen incoming phone calls to your XFINITY Voice telephone number and automatically hang up if a call is determined to be from an illegal robocaller or telemarketer. Your phone will ring once, letting you know that the robocall has been stopped.

Disable Nomorobo

To disable Nomorobo, simply return to the Advanced Call Forwarding menu (see Step 4 above) and click the trash icon next to the Nomorobo phone number.
Advanced Call Forwarding menu with edit and delete options next to each phone number.


I've enabled and verified Nomorobo on my phone. What do I do now?
Continue to use your phone like normal. All you'll need to do is to wait for the second ring to answer the phone for incoming calls, as Nomorobo needs the first ring to detect robocallers. If you only hear one ring and then it stops, you know a robocaller was just blocked. If the phone continues ringing, you should answer it.

Will this block my doctor's office, prescription reminders, school closings, weather advisories, etc.?
No. The only numbers that are blocked are reported, illegal robocallers.

A robocaller still called me. What happened? 
Occasionally, a robocaller or a telemarketer will slip through, as Nomorobo must constantly adapt to their changes in tactics. If you do get a robocall, please report it here.

Does Nomorobo work with XFINITY Voice Unlimited Saver and Local With More customers?
No. At this time, Nomorobo is only available to residential customers who subscribe to XFINITY Voice Unlimited service.

Does Nomorobo work with Comcast Business Voice customers?
At this time, Nomorobo is only available to residential customers who subscribe to XFINITY Voice Unlimited service.

What about political and charity calls? 
Nomorobo does block political robocalls. You can enable or disable this feature by clicking Edit next to your number when signed into your account on the Nomorobo website. Nomorobo does not block charity calls.

Who can I contact with more questions?
If you have any other questions, comments or suggestions, please send an email to

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