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Problems getting phone number ported from Vonage.

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Problems getting phone number ported from Vonage.

Been trying for a while now to get my phone number ported from Vonage. Interestingly enough after multiple visits to the local Xfinity store I've discovered that two separate service tickets have been closed without the problem being resolved. The last interaction at the Xfinity store I was told, "Sir, they can't close the ticket unless the problem is resolved." Yet two service tickets have been closed and my service is easily verified to still be with Vonage.


Overall I'm mostly pleased with the service but would rather take a beating with a baseball bat than to deal with support when there is a change in service or a problem with the service. I'm an engineer by trade and worked on telephone switching systems for approx. 15 years. I'm facinated at the contortions to try to get something resolved. To top that, it's nearly impossible to escalate issues from the first-tier support: no on-line service ticket, no on-line status updates on service tickets, no approval from the customer to close a service ticket, and no reasonable way to get to someone in charge of fixing these problems.


All that said here's a summary:


1. Complete on-line request for "Triple Play" service, adding land line service with number to be ported from Vonage.

2. Spoke with three different phone support representatives to explain that I did not need a "self install kit" and will be supplying my own modem.

3. Modem arrives in spite of #2 and I return the modem to Xfinity store stating I have my own modem.

4. Several days pass and internet service tier changes kick in. I update my modem information and verify that the Internet service is working at a higher speed, though interestingly well below their advertised "up to" bandwidth. No phone service, no blue phone LED on the modem, and still receiving calls on Vonage VoIP.

5. Finally get a call from a rep to use their automated system to verify I understand the E911 information about internet phone service.

6. More days go by. Report again to Xfinity office that the service is not ported. I am told the service ticket is closed and the service should be working. I assured them it is not. They opened another service request.

7. Within a couple of days I get another phone support call to go through the E911 confirmation AGAIN with the recording the wrong phone number. Interrupted back to the rep who corrected the number and told me to contact them if the number is no ported by 9/5.

8. Its now 9/6 and no service so back to the Xfinity store. Very frustrating conversation explaining that the service ticket was closed and the work has been done. Nope! Still no dial tone on modem, calls still coming in through Vonage and obviously a dial tone on Vonage. 

9. After an extended conversation they agree to send out a tech. Now I already know that the two phone companies have not coordinated a proper change because I'm getting calls on Vonage and no dial tone on Comcast. I was also told that there will now be a $70 charge for a "failed self-install" if the tech comes out.


So at the moment I'm getting continued service from Vonage and being billed for service from BOTH companies. Tech does not arrive until Monday afternoon. Once the service issue is resolved it will then be up to me to "apply" for a refund for the days of no service.


It's just silly how much inconvenience is placed on the customer to get a service issue resolved!


This will also be posted to my FB account.


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Re: Problems getting phone number ported from Vonage.

Ok, went back to the activation link and reregistered my modem and the problem now seems to be resolved.


Cancelling the service visit.



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Re: Problems getting phone number ported from Vonage.

Hi there, audioDave. Glad to hear the issue is resolved. Please reach out to us here in the future if you are in need of further assistance. Thank you and take care!

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