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Phone problems

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Phone problems

Our landline with comcast suddenly changed. I could receive calls but dialing out, I got 3 beeps like I had a message, but then a dial tone which continued as I keyed. Comcast phone tech couldn't solve it so a tech came out today. After he consulted with his boss, he switched both phones from "tone" to "pulse". Now it works. But as I pick up the phone I hear 3 beeps before I get the dial tone, which is new. I called the phone from my cell phone and after 6 rings it said to leave a message which I did, but no message was relayed to our home phone. Now if folks leave a message, they will think they did, but they actually won't have left one. This is so strange because everything had been working here forever and the change happened just two weeks ago. My phones have always been set to "tone."  If you could shed some light on this it would be appreciated.

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Re: Phone problems

Hello Gerrit2. I have responded to your duplicate post located here:


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