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Have been trying to port a land phone number for a week now!

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Have been trying to port a land phone number for a week now!

I appear to be having the same issue as the person in this post:

I have called Comcast multiple times to port my number from AT&T, each time getting someone in a foreign country who "escalates" each time, telling us to call back in 24-48 hrs but nothing happens each time! We call back after 24 hrs for a status check and they have to again, "escalate" with nothing to show for it!


I signed up for internet and phone with Comcast, planning to switch over from AT&T.  When the tech came in person to my house to do the installation on Friday last week, he couldn't get the number ported and told me to call AT&T after he left since everything else worked, and they gave me a temporary #. I thought I had already done all the preauthorization steps, but I went ahead and called AT&T , asked them to release the #, who warned us that if we disconnected the service that we would lose the # into the ether.  So I told AT&T not to disconnect it, called Comcast who told us we needed AT&T to keep the line active anyway.  They can't port, escalate, told us to call back in 24-48 hours.  This was last Friday!  We call back on Monday, still having trouble with porting, they escalate.  Call back on Wednesday, are told it will escalate again.  What in the world is going on? Do I really need to file with the FTC/FCC to get some traction here? I am having to pay fees for both services with Comcast and AT&T right now, this is ridiculous! Can somebody help?