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Dual Modem

Please advise on option.  


Background:  We have been long-time customers of Comcast, in Illinois. We have at times been triple play users, but over the past 5 years we only get the Phone and Internet Comcast services.  With our age of the home (built early 1990's) when we originally subscribed to Comcast internet, the installer put in a separate cable line to the second floor.  This is where we current have a customer owned modem and wireless router.  In the basement, we have had a separate (and paid a leasing fee) Comcast owned modem that has a telephone jack to service the phone lines throughout the house.  


Recent Activities:  In an effort to reduce our bill, the Comcast agent (as well as reading online) offered that if we purchased our own telephony modem, we could then forgo the Comcast modem lease monthly charge of $11.  I purchased a compatible modem, and proceeded to replace the Comcast version.  Via the on-line support they remotely diconnected all modems, including the internet.  They have put my customer owned modem back on-line for internet, BUT, they claim that a "two customer owned- modem" set up was not allowed.  Only an customer owned internet modem and a Comcast telephone modem was allowed.  After being told that an on-site technicion would have the authority to make our two customer owned modems work, we scheduled an on-site installation.  Regretably, the technicion confirmed that having a separate modem for internet and phone was not allowed.  He offered to have the original internet modem connect to the phone, but this would require phone wiring around the room (Not behind walls), clearly not ideal. He equally offered to move the wirehless router to the basement and have the one customer owned modem, however, equally this would severly decrease the WIFI signal to the rest of the house, without addition customer purchased equipment to boost/increase the signal.


Ask:  Please advise, how to resolve.  I would like to maintain the two modem set up, but discontinue paying (since I now have bought two separate customer owned modems) the Comcast leased modem fee (I have paid for greather than 10 years (10 *12*$10 = $1,200).