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Different Modem for Internet and Phone

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Different Modem for Internet and Phone

I see that the question has been asked multiple times, and it seems that at least in certain markets you can have a different modem for internet service (because say you need DOCSIS 3.1 for gig service) and a different one for phone (because none of the 3.1 BYOD modems allow for phone). 


In this thread it appears that a Comcast rep says this is not available in all markets:


My question is, how can we confirm what markets it is available in?


I tried calling and chatting to confirm, and was given an answer that I need to rent a modem, however to be honest, the people I spoke to seemed a bit clueless about what I was asking and seemed to go off canned responses they found in a forum. Is there a way I can have this answered definitively for my area, either in the forum, or by calling a local number (since I dialed the main line before)? If so, where do I find the local number to call?


FYI, live in Cranbury, NJ, 08512 (in case someone else here has already gotten this resolved).