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Comcast changed my phone number without permission

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Comcast changed my phone number without permission

I recently changed/upgraded my existing triple play package. Updated the Internet speed and cable channels, but NOT my phone service. There is something in their system that changes phone numbers without authorization (I did a forum search and see evidence of this being a problem). I didn't even know it was changed until friends said caller ID wasn't showing my number.


I've chatted twice with comcast service and they haven't fixed it yet, now it's "elevated" but they don't seem very confident. They keep saying it was "because I changed my service" in reality, it's because there is a bug in there system. I can't even get them to send an email or text the ticket number - evidently nothing can be sent in writing.


I've had my home number for 15 years and now I've got Dr office saying they couldn't get a ahold of me. I've got resumes out with my number on them, all my relatives (out of state) have my number.


This wasn't an "accident" this is a failure on the part of Comcast to properly manage their systems and be responsible to their customers.