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Comcast Voice Plans


Comcast Voice Plans

Comcast appears to offer two voice plans

One is Voice unlimited

The other Voice unlimited saver

Does anyone know the current price of each of these?

Ditto the primary difference between the two?

Thanks in advance for your most gracious response.



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Re: Comcast Voice Plans

There is also "Local With More". Please see for a feature comparison. The price is somewhere between between $20 and $45/mo.  Contact customer service for the rate for the plan you are interested in, or get one of their price sheets. Service Centers should have them (check locations and hours at, or have customer service send one to you.

Use the price sheet as your starting point, and then check the web site, customer service, and this forum for special deals not listed on the price sheet. Shopping their products without the price sheet is like groping in the dark.

Pricing for most packages may have been included with one of your recent bills. Check


Re: Comcast Voice Plans

Thanks  BruceW.


I really appreciate your response.


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