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Can I use a separate modem just for phone?

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Can I use a separate modem just for phone?

So the issue I'm having is I can't use the xb6 gateway as it cripples my VPN for work. I am currently using an arris SB8200 as I have gigabit and need docsis 3.1. Unfortunately this modem does not support phone.

Now I don't use land-line and I don't even want it but, I have been to the store multiple times and they will not allow me to return the xb6. I don't want to pay the 10 dollar a month rental fee for the gateway I can't use thanks to it crippling vpn speeds.

I tried to go to double play and I would end up paying the same amount for less channels etc. I'm just wondering if I could daisy chain a cheap modem for phone off of my current SB8200. I essentially just want to return this 10 dollar a month gateway I'm not using.

Thanks in advance guys

Re: Can I use a separate modem just for phone?

You sure can. I have an ARRIS SB8200 for gigabit, as you do, but I also have an older ARRIS TM722G that was activated as a voice only modem. Works very well in my current Quad Play setup. 



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