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Call drops every 30 minutes using SIP- VOIP for work

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Call drops every 30 minutes using SIP- VOIP for work

2019-11-14 11:27:17.229

BYE sip:+1101298@;gsid=7f4213e6-06f7-41ea-b101-005056a3339c;transport=udp SIP/2.0

Via: SIP/2.0/UDP;branch=z9hG4bK29ar1h30egv2as8vu8e0sd0000010.1

Min-SE: 1800

Hi I have a voice only account with Comcast using modem Arris TG02DCG1682P3CT and I get calls dropping about every 30 minutes when  I use VoiP with the company I am trying to call using  a SIP using At&t technology. The call to number ,rather I call it or I have it call me drops at that time limit.

I  a member of my jobs telecom dept. viewed my calls and this is a report of what was happening when it dropped at that time frame.


Please assist, I have had the number registered via a support tech at Comcast, modem reset numerous time , two techs come out on the same  day . One indoors to check lines both inside and out and the modem. The other fixed a line outside .   I need this for work , any assistance will be appreciated because I am about to go old school and get rid of this digital line and go with at&t' pots line.


 The report:

Reason: Q.850;cause=16

From: <sip:16783247228@>;tag=6671161443569108_c2b07.2.1.1571816993028.0_2371954_4720944

To: <sip:5018598287@>;tag=7f421d506f741eab1305056a3339c

Call-ID: 7f421d786f741eab1405056a3339c

Max-Forwards: 68

CSeq: 2 BYE

Content-Length: 0