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I have voice2go with comcast.  I have it set so that when a call come in on my landline,it rings on my cell phone. Cell phone service is with Verizon -- not sure who to ask -- when my cell phone rings, I want to know if I am answering my landline or my actual cell phone number that someone has called.   Can I set a specific ringtone for it.  I am also thinking it would have to be done on my cell phone side.  I have tried this out by giving my landline a certain ringtone but it still rings as if someone had called my cell phone.


Re: voice2go

I don't think that can be done from Comcast's end. All a call forward does is to relay the phone call to another number as if it called directly. I don't even know if's possible from Verizon's end. 


If you have a smartphone, have you considered using the Xfinity Connect app to answer calls from your Xfinity voice line, rather than having it forwarded directly to your cell? Works really well for me, plus I know it's coming from my Xfinity Voice number, as opposed to my Verizon Wireless number. 

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