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scam telephone calls and I got another

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scam telephone calls and I got another

I keep getting Scam telephone calls and I got another one today, 217-670-1307.

6-12-19 I got 217-887-9632, on 6-11-19 I got 217-607-2364 and on 5-31-19 I got 704-709-5867 and they wanted my Social Security Number which of course I did not give them.  But,  I have gotten many more also.  Is there any way you can block these phony calls out for me.  I know they are phony because I tried to call them back and it would not go through.  Now as I am tying this to you I got one of those phony calls 217-887-9199 for life insurance.  These people who call me are the same people with the same accent.  HELP, PLEASE. 




Thomas L. Manino


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Re: scam telephone calls and I got another

If I have an incoming call from a number I don't recognize, I pick up but don't say anything for 2-5 seconds.  Generally, if it is a spam/scam/phishing/robocall phone call it will hang up.  If it is a live person, they generally will still be there.

Joe V
(not a Comcast employee, just another paying customer)