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no line-busy tone


no line-busy tone

So we've had Comcast/Xfinity phone service for a month or so. Sorta OK. Using a local message machine instead of their voicemail. Had to get the support folks to turn off the voicemail on my line so my message machine could pick up. And you know, there is NO LINE-BUSY TONE. Duh, what? Yep. When I'm talking on the line, and someone else calls, they get a message saying that my line is not connected. That freaks people out. I take it there is no obvious way to fix this? I think, in the dim mind of Comcast/Xfinity, when your line is busy, their voice mail service will always pick up, so why would you need a busy signal?

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Re: no line-busy tone

I am having the exact same problem now after changing my plan.  In the past though, people would get a busy signal when we were on the phone and they called our number.