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how to unblock outgoing calls

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how to unblock outgoing calls

Every time I call my sister it says I have to unblock her number. I do not have her number blocked so I don't know why this is happening. I didn't even know that you could block outgoing calls. I need to know how to fix this, please.  Thanks



Re: how to unblock outgoing calls

If you're getting that message, it probably means your number has Caller ID Block enabled and your sister has Anoymous Call Rejection on her number.


You can either:


1. Press *82 , then wait for the dial tone again, before you dial her number. 

2. You can unsubscribe from Caller ID Block completely by calling 1 (800) COMCAST.


More information here

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Re: how to unblock outgoing calls

Niether of these situations apply. I can see my sister's name and number when she calls me and she can see my name and number when I call her. Niether us us has Caller ID blocked and this only started happening today. I'm just stumped. Thanks anyway