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how do I block a text

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how do I block a text

I am getting texts on my comcast home phone that are fraudulent. How can I block them?

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Re: how do I block a text

Same problem here -- Xfinity??  You out there??

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Re: how do I block a text

Here are the details for those at XfinityCustomer Security Assurance, and Xfinity Connect App developers:


I have the the Xfinity Connect App installed on my iPod.  With this app, I can receive text messages via my landline.

This is a useful app for me because it allows me to receive text messages from those who do not have access to iMessages (i.e. Apple products).


SO -- I receive spam texts though the Xfinity Connect App and there is no way to block those texts.

Blocking the phone number doesn't work because, as we all know, spammers just change Caller ID numbers.


During the Primaries, I received several spam text messages from [questionable] candidates.


I have spoken with at least SEVEN different Xfinity customer service reps about this issue which they claim:

1.  They have never heard of and/or received a complaint about.

2.  There is no resolve.


Here's the resolve:  re-design the app to allow text messages from contacts only.


Xfinity??  Response??