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Xfinity Landline Text Msg via Xfinity Online (Web)


Xfinity Landline Text Msg via Xfinity Online (Web)


When Text Messaging capabilities were introduced to Xfinity Voice Landline (VOIP) customers a few years ago, the ability to send and receive messages via the website (Xfinity Online) worked great. Then it was dysfunctional for subscribers for sometime. Since the latest round of updates to the webpage, there is once again a "TEXT" section (header) when subscribers access the "Xfinity Voice" (phone icon) option via -- Subscribers can once again view and send text messages online from their Xfinity Landline. While I really like the new interface, has anyone noticed when you send a msg, the msg recepient sees a "phone number" unrelated to our Xfinity Landline Number? 


For example, when I send a text msg, the recipient sees 916-572-1426?!? It's some Sacramento based number, whereas I'm in Colorado. Simply put, that's not my phone number. Because of spam filters and other security applications on devices, some of my messages are never received by intended recipients. How is this a good idea? Ugh. It gives the impression of "spoofing". With all of Comcast® Xfinity™ capabilities, why can't Text Msg recipients receive our actual number in which the message is being sent? After all, when text messaging was first introduced as an option, receipients actually received the message from our landline numbers. Perhaps Comcast® could investigate and implement a solution?


And just FYI, utilizing the Xfinity Voice Mobile App is not an option (solution) for this issue. I have reasons for using the text messaging capabilities via desktop web page only.