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Voice mail message via phone co

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Voice mail message via phone co

My phone shows the message in the subject and has ever since we moved into a new house and Comcast changed our phone number.  I have spoken to Comcast numerous times and no one seems capable of understanding the issue or solving it.  They even sent out a service person who thought he turned it off with a setting on the phone.  I told him I did not think the issue was solved as I can delete the message temporarily but the next time I use the phone it comes right back.  The phone is a Panasonic and I have also spoken with them.  They indicate it is a Comcast problem.  There was a suggestion in the forum of calling from another phone and leaving a message, than deleting.  I tried that and it did not work.  

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Re: Voice mail message via phone co

I don't have voice mail active on my account and still have a "voice mail from phone co." Message.  How in the heck do I get rid of it?  I have no acces to voice on the app,web site or phone as I do not have Voice mail on my account, also DO NOT want voice mail on the account, so any help is good.