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Very disappointed with home phone service

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Very disappointed with home phone service

When I first got the Xfinity triple play because I was moving, I tried to port my previous home phone to Xfinity. They said I could do it when I moved about a month later, and I had a temporary number  in the meantime.

Well, a month later, they said they couldn't do it because the old number needed to be active and it wasn't.

OK, fine, I'll just take the temporary number as my new number, and I can start fresh. So, I gave that number out and put it on some bills, etc.

Well, now, weeks later, I noticed that my phones in the home say "No Line". I went online at Xfinity and noticed I had a completely different number on my profile!

I started a chat with someone at Xfinity (not from USA) and they just wanted to port that number as my new number. They could not answer why my previous number had "disappeared" and why I had this third number. I'm ready to get rid of voice, since I'm not using it anyhow. 

Such a waste of time.