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Remove Call Waiting

I'm reaching out in regards to my account with Comcast. I'm someone that recently began services for the first time with Comcast because I was told that it was a reliable internet and phone service that would fit my needs as a work-from-home technical advisor. Unfortunately, I have called Comcast four times now in the last week in order to get ALL features removed from my work phone number without success. When I called in again this evening just a short while ago, I was told that Call Waiting had been removed from my phone line. When I tested this for myself with two separate phone numbers calling into the line while I was on call, the call waiting notification still came through on the line.


I need to emphasize: I cannot work without ALL call features, especially Call Waiting and Voicemail, removed COMPLETELY from my phone line.


The person I spoke with originally did not even provide me the correct phone number when they set up my line, let alone ensure that no features were on it, as I requested at the time of the call and emphasized because I needed the phone line to be completely clear of all features for work. Then I spoke with Ms. Nikita in Customer Relations who assured me it would be taken care of and that I would receive a phone call back from her with an update regarding the removal of the features--that phone call from her was never received. Then I called in again and spoke with a technical support agent, Phil, and his supervisor, Jay (for whom I have the Employee ID # if I need to bring this up with a support agent) who assured me that it would be removed. Again, I tested the phone line again after speaking with someone again this evening, a Ms. Laquita, who told me that call waiting had been removed, and call waiting is still on my line.


I need to speak to someone in Tier 2 Technical Support or a Supervisor in that field that can remove this feature off of my phone line IMMEDIATELY. I have missed almost an entire week of work. I could lose my JOB over this. I need to be able to work to provide for my family, to ensure my bills are paid, to ensure I have a place to live. I was told that Comcast was a fantastic service that I could rely on, and I have faced nothing but stress, frustration, incredulousness, and outrage at the manner in which this situation has been handled. If there is an issue here that is modem related, have someone replace my entire modem. If it is a technical issue that can be taken care of over the internet or online, PLEASE. For the love of all things holy! Remove. Call. Waiting. You are destroying someone's livelihood. You are destroying all faith I have in Comcast. As a first time customer, I have experienced more agony and fury at this situation than I ever expected to.


Resolve it. Or I am switching services immediately and leaving this experience public in every place I have access to. Because I expect something as simple, as menial, as removing all features from a phone line to be basic, basic troubleshooting. Something that anyone should be able to handle. If you don't know how to do it, get me someone that can. All I need is a phone line that rings. That's it. No call waiting, no voicemail, no caller ID, nothing. I just need it to ring. That is what I told the person that first set up my account. So please, help me. Because I have no choice but to switch services to my local provider instead if this is how this situation is going to be handled.

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Re: Remove Call Waiting

Hello myclarr. We apologize you are still encountering this issue with Call Waiting still not being removed. I can assist with submitting a removal ticket for you, or I can get you in contact with our Advanced Repair department (Tier 2) who can. Please send me a private message and include your full name, service address, and account number so I can access your account.