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Receiving Another Customer's Voicemails...

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Receiving Another Customer's Voicemails...

Since approximately last February, I have been receiving emails, from Xfinity, with somebody else's voicemail messages. That phone number is in FL, mine is in WA.  I get the actual .wav file, in the emails, so I know everything these people have going on, in their lives. They are an older couple and I did call them to tell them what was going on, but I don't think they understand.


I have called Xfinity customer service about this at least twice and after long holds, each time, they kind of shrugged and said they had no idea. I guess none of them ever pursued it further after I got irritated with sitting on hold, waiting for them to figure it out. Which is unfortunate, because, now, here I am, still waiting to stop getting Mr. and Mrs. Palmers personal, private voicemail messages.


This problem started after I restarted my Xfinity Connect phone notifications and also signed up for NoMoRobo, the same day.   Since then, I have cancelled the NoMoRobo, turned off email notifications for my own voicemail, turned off all call forwarding.    But, I am still getting the Palmer's PRIVATE, PERSONAL emails.  I have even forwarded these emails to the Abuse email address, to get someone's attention.


Is there an email address at Xfinity, somewhere, that I could forward some of these emails to, and they can try and figure it out. Not gonna sit on hold, waiting for low level CSR figure it out, any more.

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Re: Receiving Another Customer's Voicemails...

I ran into a similar problem except I was getting  phone calls from a PA xfinity voice customer to my CA xfinity voice phone.  It is probable that the Palmers voice recorded voice text is being forwarded to your email account in error based on their voice service settings.  What worked for me was to call xfinity and report my incident to xfinity support and give them the xfinity  number that was being forwarded to me in error and they were able to correct the situation in 2 days.