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Phone connections - splitter problem

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Phone connections - splitter problem

I just got around to switching my home phone to the Comcast phone.  I _had_ a landline phone cable that went into a surge protector, the output of the surge protector had a splitter, one side went to the base of my cordless phone system / answering machine, the other to the fax connection on my all-in-one printer (one of the other people in this house, who shall remain nameless in the cause of marital harmony  still uses the fax from time to time).  

When I switched, I put the Tel1 output into the input of the surge protector,  replacing the landline.  Tel1 blinked as though something was off the hook.  After several attempts at finding what it was, I removed the cable going to the fax machine and it works!   But now I have to figure out how to make the fax work.

I have searched the forums, and a post in 2013 said I should be plugging into the wall jack.  But if I do that, how to I get phone service to the phone in this same room? There's only one jack for phone cable.  .