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Two issues with NomoRobo.


The first is that NomoRobo says that I can find out the number (caller-id) for a blocked call.

It says that the call should be listed in my call history, but it does not show up on my phone

caller-id or my Xfinity Voice call history.


The reason that this is of particular interest is that some personal callers have let me know

that they get one ring and then a weird sound and disconnect when they call my Xfinity

number  (my second issue).  They then call me on my cell number without issue (i.e. the

calls come through just fine and the caller id is listed - e.g. not private).  In the most recent

case this was from a caller in Canada but other callers have mentioned similar behavior. 

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Re: Nomorobo

The ring is diffrent!