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Nomorobo - Deactivated and now calls disconnect

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Nomorobo - Deactivated and now calls disconnect

Was unsuccessful in installing Nomorobo, so followed its instructions on turning it off (simply by removing its phone number).


Unfortunately now, calls disconnect whenever we answer the phone (number of rings does not matter).  Outgoing calls are fine.


Comcast is unable to help (and as many here have noted, the call center reps don't seem to know about Nomorobo).


I've reset - disconnected - reconnected - unplugged - turned off and let sit for an hour ... and no luck.


any suggestions?

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Re: Nomorobo - Deactivated and now calls disconnec

vabloom -

Hmm... when you look at your Advanced Call Forwarding Settings page, is there only a check under "Status" next to your home number? Also, is there a check next to "Disable Call Forwarding?"

Advanced Call Forwarding settings instructions/screenshots are here: