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Need additional CDV features disabled


Need additional CDV features disabled

As stated, I simply need additional CDV features disabled (including voicemail, call waiting, etc.).


Even after apparently having the information on the account fixed, I still can't call in / Live Chat because that information hasn't actually been fixed on the account (last 4 were changed when an agent upgraded my package quite some time back, and has never been fixed).


I have every other piece of information that could be desired, and just need those features disabled.  Any assistance appreciated.


Thank you.


Re: Need additional CDV features disabled

Hi Convice -- I can help with disabling these features. I reviewed your account did confirm that the agents you spoke with prior were able to remove all phone features accept Call Waiting. I have disabled that feature as well. You will no longer see any of these features however you could see Call Waiting enable in the future. Call Waiting is a feature driven by your modem so if your modem goes through a factory reset, it will enable that feature by default. 

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