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Landline Robocalls, Spammers & Spoofing

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Landline Robocalls, Spammers & Spoofing

I've been using Nomorobo since it was first available and it's been working quite well until

recently. Lately I've been getting robocalls and spoofed/spam calls that Nomorobo didn't

catch and I've been reporting them to Nomorobo. I also have the maximum amount of blocked numbers on my landline.


It seems as though the robocallers, etc are getting more technical and have found a way to

bypass the "system" so to speak.


I will continue to report the unblocked numbers as needed but was wondering if Comcast had any plans to increase the number of blocked callers or is working on a way to cut down on these robocalls, spammers and spoofing calls. It seems to be getting some media attention and visibility but not sure how Comcast plans to counter these unwanted calls?


Thanks in advance!


Part 2 - Is Nomorobo working better or not as well for the other members on here?