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Can this be done ?

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Can this be done ?

Here's my scenario.


Have Voice line for home (let's call this line 1). 

Have a personal answering machine at home. 

Have Xfinity Connect app on t-mobile cell phone (let's call this line 2). 

Do not have a separate Voice2go number. 


What I want is this:

1) When the home line rings, I want to see who is calling on my Connect app. - this works fine. 

2) If I choose to answer, I should answer using my Connect app. - this works fine. 

3) If I choose to decline on the Connect app, I want the call to go back to my personal answering machine. 


What I've tried so far lets me answer, and lets me decline using the Connect app. But, if I let it keep ringing, then the message ends up on my voice mail on line 2, not on my home answering machine. 

What specific options on advanced call forwarding in the Connect app will let me do this ? 




Problem Solver

Re: Can this be done ?

Upon reading your post, the following are the thoughts I had regarding your particular situation.


Yes, I believe what you seek can be done.  What I believe is happening is that your home phone setup with the connect app is set to go to the home phone service voice mail on a lesser number of rings than your personal answering machine is set to.  


To see/change the number of rings the home phone setup is allowed to ring before going to the home phone service voice mail, once you login to the xfinity web site with your account, selecting the phone icon to get to the phone area, and then selecting the cog like icon in the upper right hand corner of the screen, select the Advanced Call Forwarding option.  Once on that page, you can see the number of rings that are currently permitted to happen before it will send the call to your xfinity home phone service voice mail.  What you will need to do is find out how many times your personal answering machine is set to permit the phone call to ring before it will pick up and either increase the number you see on the Advanced Call Forwarding page to a number higher than that or find out how to alter your personal answering machine so that it picks up in less number of rings that the Advanced Call Forwarding page shows.


Hope that helps you out.