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I need to disable because of conference calls

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See this previous post on this issue and the sucessful answer:
Need Call Waiting Permanently Disabled

I need call waiting permanently disable for my new work at home job. I have called almost ten different people at Comcast and nobody has been able to disable it yet even though they all say it is disabled. I read somewhere that it might be my modem and I might have to get another one. Is this correct or can the call waiting be disabled on any modem? Please help me as I need this for my job ASAP.

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Re: Need Call Waiting Permanently Disabled

That's great. Unfortunately, two weeks later I still have call waiting. Also, it's been 24 hours since I last spoke with the umpteenth person that said it would be disabled within a day (who I think was a tier 2 person) and it still isn't disabled on my end. Is there a number where I can reach a tier 3 person? Do I have to call Comcast again and do my usual daily routine of sitting on the phone for twenty minutes and solving nothing? Or should I just go to the local office and see if they can help me? I'm about to lose my job over this, which means I'll have to cancel my Comcast account and move into a homeless shelter. It's such a grand feeling knowing that a giant corporation has the power to essentially destroy my life because they can't/won't address a basic technical issue.




Anyone having this issue should call one of these numbers:


Comcast tier 2 support: 1-855-484-1453


Comcast tier 3 support: 1-888-824-8988


I got it fixed by calling the first number, they connected me to tier 3 who fixed it, and then tier 3 gave me their number. My question now is why doesn't Comcast give out these numbers? I talked to tier 2 and 3 and had it fixed in five minutes. If I hadn't got the number from a friend of mine I would probably have lost my job over this.



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