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Call Waiting Disabled for landline

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Call Waiting Disabled for landline

Sorry but this one is involved. I'll state the result I am trying to create and describe what is happening.


I am trying to get a busy signal on a second inbound call when calling my landline phone which is connected already on a call with a previous caller. My business partner will be directing calls to my landline and if I am already on the line, those calls need to receive a busy signal.

The testing I have done is to call my landline and then place another call to the landline while the line is still occupied. The second caller hears the line keep ringing, but no busy signal. My landline hears a beep while talking to the first caller. Xfinity says they've tested the line and the call waiting has been removed, but the problem happens each time I test it. Any suggestions would be helpful.

My fear now is that there is no way to get a busy signal on the second call (ie. that's just the way it works).