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Bizarre phone incident

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Bizarre phone incident

So we had something absolutley bizarre happen to us.  While upgrading our Xfinity service a couple months ago, we were offered a no-cost phone number. We never actually used the number or wired a phone to the modem. Within the last couple weeks, we started receiving incoming call notification popups on our TV. Thinking we might be missing some important calls, we logged into our voicemail to find countless messages that all seemed to be to the wrong number. I then tried to call my number using my mobile phone to see if we'd ever set up a voicemail message. When I dialed my number I saw the notification popup showing that I was calling in and then much to my surprise someone answered the phone!  It was a rather grouchy old man that demanded I stopped calling him and place him on our do-not-call list and hung up.  I called him back and explained who I was and that I was calling my own number.

Fast forward, I contacted Comcast and they switched me to a new number. I'm only writing this because it seems like a pretty significant privacy violation since I was able to access this poor gentleman's voicemail messages.